AIR DISC BRAKE Rotors & Brake Pads

Air disc brakes are becoming the industry standard due to improved stopping distances, better cooling and easier maintenance. DuraBrake was an early entrant into the air disc brake rotor aftermarket and has the most comprehensive line of air disc brake rotors in North America and we’re still adding more. We also make a large selection of air disc brake rotors as well for vehicles such as trucks, trailers, fire trucks, transit buses and motor coaches such as New Flyer, Prevost, MCI, Van Hool, Setra, Temsa and Volvo. Our air disc brake rotors interchange with Webb, Accuride (Gunite & KIC), Conmet, Bendix, Hendrickson, Meritor, Haldex, Dayton, WABCO and Automann.  We design and manufacture air disc brake rotors for improved performance in conformance with SAE Recommended Practices.

ABS rotors are made with cast-in or bolt-on rings. Appropriate coatings developed by DuraBrake or its approved suppliers are used to protect the ABS from corrosion and high temperature during vehicle operations.

Our brake rotors are tested in accordance with FMVSS specifications and more stringent durability testing for maximum performance and accountability.

DuraBrake supplies medium and heavy-duty rotors to OEMs, warehouse distributors, PDC’s and dealer groups and can supply low and high volumes of rotors for numerous applications. We custom design rotors (brake discs) for particular customers that require better stopping distance or operational longevity.

Our heavy-duty brake pads interchange with Bendix, WABCO, Meritor, ABEX, Hendrickson, Marathon, Fras-Le, Raybestos, DRiV/Federal-Mogul, and Fritec.

air disc brake rotor
DuraBrake P/NMeritor P/NBendix/K-B P/NConmet P/NOther P/NBrake System
56641ROR 68326014MCI 15-02-1067, 15-02-1043Meritor® EX225
5664210080753, 10082181MCI 15-03-1012Meritor® EX225
71601M44AD71601Wabco CT832WABCO PAN™ 19
71602Ridewell 1660495, Fuwa H32-D102, Hendrickson S-33389-1
736013218Z156, 3218-Z-156Meritor® ADB-1560
736023218A1145, 3218-A-1145
746013218K167, 3218-K-167Meritor® ADB-1560
75180M44AD75180Wabco CT826WABCO PAN™ 17
76601A123547, Rockwell 3218-Z-1404MCI 15-02-1010Meritor® D-LISA
76602AVan Hool 10977055, 10721062, ROR 68323736, 68325977
ZF 0501.316.075
76603II37415NPrevost 611456, 611188Knorr-Bremse SB/SN7
76604II37986, K021959Prevost 611457, 621672Knorr-Bremse SB/SN7
76605Van Hool N508030009, ZF 81.508.030.009Meritor®
76606123647NABI 6333812, New Flyer 6333812, 6316229Meritor® D-LISA
76607K075758Setra 9424210912, 9424211012, 9424211112, 9424211212, 9424212112, 9424230112, 9424230012Setra, MCI and Mercedes
76608ROR 68323012Van Hool 11027856, ZF 0501.323.995Meritor®
76609Setra A6274210012, 6231000870Setra and Mercedes
76610Van Hool 11047678, 11353913Van Hool
76611K021958, 567801B, II310251, II37191, II371910061Van Hool 920924972, New Flyer 6331333, 6407925, MAN 501.316.953, NOVA N8884457, ZF 0501.316.953Knorr-Bremse SB/SN7
76613M44AD76613Wabco CT807, Fuwa F34-009EWABCO PAN™ 22
76615Setra A9434210312, A9434210412Setra and Mercedes
76616K069333New Flyer 6359347, MAN 81508030041, 81508030021New Flyer® and MAN
76617802082, K03857410041006, 10082074Hendrickson S-32193Bendix® / Knorr-Bremse ADB22X™ and ADB225™
76618802081, K03857310016360Bendix® / Knorr-Bremse ADB22X™ and ADB225™
76619Hendrickson S-34172, Ridewell 1660363, Fuwa H32-D002WABCO PAN™ 22
76620M44DH2068210020682 (Service kit pn), 10020109 (Rotor pn)Meritor® EX225
76621K069799Van Hool N508030040, N508030038, ZF 81.508.030.040, New Flyer 6347297Meritor®
7662410041218Meritor® EX225L
76626SAF Holland 2019200000010, 51830036SAF-HOLLAND
Mack 23887166, 21856631, 22024041Meritor® EX225L
76641802669, Z006407Prevost 611300Knorr-Bremse SB/SN7
76642K034497BXW, Z000557, K013569Dennis 658470/39Knorr-Bremse SN7
76690Volvo 20428193, 85103803, 85110496, 21575071Meritor® ELSA 225-3
76691Volvo 3988838, 3092710, 8551042Meritor® ELSA 225-3
76694M44DH80256980256910025445, 10023879Hendrickson 29152-17Bendix® / Knorr-Bremse ADB22X
76801M44DH18609Conmet 10018609 (service kit), 10016195 (rotor pn), 10084199, 10083615, 10085621 (kit), 10084701Hendrickson S-36661-1WABCO PAN™ 22
76810Ridwell 1660439Haldex DB22LT
76901Hendrickson S-37434 (kit), S-34471, S-38765WABCO MAXX™
76902Hendrickson S-37009-2, S-37009-1, S-41533-2Hendrickson MAXX22T
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