Our Blue steel-shell light-weight brake drums are  interchangeable to CentriFuse® and STEELite X30™ brake drums.  They offer the following benefits:

  • LIGHT-WEIGHT – 89 lb drum that is 15-20% lighter than a full weight cast drum but with equivalent performance.  Increase your payloads or decrease your diesel costs.

  • LONGER LIFE – Higher tensile strength to resist heat checking and cracking.  Decrease your maintenance costs with longer lasting products.

  • HIGH-STRENGTH – Usage in more severe-duty applications.

  • BALANCED – Drums balanced as a standard option

Our steel-shell light-weight drums interchange with Webb, Centrifuse, and Meritor and have been tested in accordance with FMVSS standards to provide you with the reliability you need to properly operate your fleet.

DuraBrake brake drums have been established in the US market since 1948 (formerly as Durametal).  We supply the widest variety of part numbers of any brake drum manufacturer in the world and offer custom designs in minimal quantities.

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