Heavy-Duty Brake Drum/Brake Rotor interchange

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DuraBrake PN Type Brake Face Dia. Brake Width Overall Height Hub Pilot Bolt Circle Dia. # Holes Hole Dia. Industry Part

DISCLAIMER: DuraBrake doesn’t warrant any interchange that is found on this online interchange.  Before ordering any parts, please verify with DuraBrake via email or during the ordering process that the DuraBrake actually interchanges with your part.

DuraBrake Part Numbering Key:

1    means heavy-duty standard brake drum
1—X means heavy-duty standard brake drum (balanced)
2    means heavy-duty large brake drum
3    means heavy-duty extra large brake drum
4    means steel shell (composite) drum
7    means medium or heavy-duty brake rotor
8    means automotive brake rotor
9    means heavy-duty hub

DuraBrake part numbers with no part number or with XXXX, please call us.

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