DuraBrake’s Alto™ line of air disc brake calipers for the North American heavy-duty market is a new caliper and not rebuilt from caliper cores, saving customers time, money and the assurances of a brand new caliper with all new parts. So now, you’ll never have to collect a core from your customers and send it in.

DuraBrake Alto™ uses high-quality and high-strength components in the brake system:

  • high-grade ductile iron for the housing for good durability and better braking
  • new castings assures no wear or defects in the caliper housing
  • high-strength forged brake lever minimizes brake lever flex and maximizing braking force
  • high-quality guide pins and high-temperature boots provides trouble-free operation by minimizing sticking and maximizing brake function

DuraBrake offers its Alto™ calipers that replace WABCO brake systems and will soon be offering its versions of the Meritor and Bendix brake systems.  DuraBrake calipers cover a wide range of vehicle applications such as Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, Mack, Freightliner, Navistar and numerous trailer axle applications.

DuraBrake also offers caliper repair kits that provide replacement tappet assemblies, inner seals, guide pins and boots. 

DuraBrake Caliper P/NBendix/Knorr-BremseWABCOHendricksonApplication
BC2251-R (Right)802984, 113887, K149714, K019180, K098272, K113887S-29152-14, S-33647-3Trailer
BC2251-L (Left)802985, 113888, K149715, K019181, K098273, K113888S-29152-15, S-33647-2Trailer
BC2271-R (Right)81142, 109961, 802090, 109961X, 802084, K081142, K147430, K097850, K019174, K047620, K047622, K081142R, K081258, K097844SC, K109961X, K097848X, K109959Kenworth, Mack, Navistar, Peterbilt, Volvo.
BC2271-L (Left)81143, 109962, 802091, 109962X, K081143, K147429, K097851, K019175, K047619, K047621, K097845SC, K097851SC, K109962X, K097849X, K109960, K081259Kenworth, Mack, Navistar, Peterbilt, Volvo.
BC2253-R (Right)81256, 109957, 109957X, K081256, K109957, K019174, K021299, K025426, K060001, K081258, K097844SC, K097846, K097846SC, K136549, K147136, K153607, K153609Freightliner
BC2253-L (Left)81257, 109958, 109958X, K081257, 109958X, K019175, K021300, K025427, K060002, K081259, K097845SC, K097847, K097847SC, K109958, K109958X, K136548, K147135, K153608, K153610Freightliner
BC1701-R (Right)40 175 091, 40175091, 40-175-091, 40-175-073, 40 175 073, 40175073Trailer
BC1701-L (Left)40 175 090, 40175090, 40-175-090, 40-175-072, 40 175 072, 40175072Trailer
BC1901-R (Right)40 195 028, 40195028, 40-195-028, 40 195 038, 40-195-038, 40195038Trailer
BC1901-L (Left)40 195 027, 40195027, 40-195-027, 40 195 037, 40195037, 40-195-037Trailer
BC2201-R (Right)40-225-016, 40225016, 40 225 016Trailer
BC2201-L (Left)40-225-015, 40225015, 40 225 015Trailer
BC2221-R (Right)640-225-081-0, 6402250810, 640 225 081 0, 640 225 051 0???S-33648-3Trailer
BC2221-L (Left)640-225-080-0, 6402250800, 640 225 080 0, 640 225 050 0???S-33648-2Trailer
BC2266-R (Right)640-322-066-0, 6403220660, 640 322 066 0Trailer
BC2266-L (Left)640-322-065-0, 6403220650, 640 322 065 0Trailer
BC2273-R (Right)S-35973-R, S-35303-8Trailer
BC2273-L (Left)S-35973-L, S-35303-7Trailer
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