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Brake Drums

DuraBrake™ brake drums have been established in the US market since 1948 formerly marketed under the name of Durametal parts. The part number identity has been maintained since 1948 making it one of the few industry standards for replacement. Durabrake part numbers can be categorized into four groups as:

  • High-volume part numbers for truck and trailers also produced by several other producers
  • High volume transit brake drums produced by select group
  • Medium-volume part numbers for various applications
  • Specialty (obsolete, new designs, special applications). DuraBrake™ has a niche market for these

Majority of DuraBrake™ brake drums are cast from four different high grade cast irons (based on application) for high performance. All grades are alloyed versions of SAE and ASTM specified materials.

Our brake drums are tested in accordance with FMVSS standards and more stringent OE durability testing for maximum performance and liability.

Our brake drums can be designed for custom performance requirements to improve stopping distance or improve product longevity to reduce maintenance costs.

In addition to cast brake drums, DuraBrake™ also makes stamped steel parking brake drums.


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