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About Us

DuraBrake™ Co. was started as Durametal Brake Co. in 1998 upon acquisition of the brake drum business from Durametal Corporation in Tualatin, Oregon.   Under new ownership, the goal of this company is to become the leader in brake drum, brake disc, and hub market for trucks, buses and off-highway vehicles. 

DuraBrake™ strives for customer satisfaction through engineering design and metallurgy , quality systems and manufacturing experience. Customized part design for customer-desired performance and market share is why our customers come to us. As niche supplier our specialized services include supplying customers that need custom or hard-to-find brake drums for any quantity of parts. This is made possible by continuing to use flexible processes and quality systems used by Durametal Corporation for over 50 years. 

Through investment and joint-ventures, we use production facilities around the world that allows us to utilize each facility's strengths, features and location to optimize production for quantity, price, and lead times.  We have thousands of part numbers in our catalog that are either stock items or can be produced upon request for any size quantities.  Over 2000 part numbers including custom part numbers have been made from existing in-house patterns. Customers for all of our parts include distributors, end-users, and OEMs.

DuraBrake™ has manufacturing facilities domestically and worldwide.  We have sales and engineering offices strategically located in the San Francisco Bay Area (California) and other locations worldwide.  We have inventory warehouses throughout the country to reduce shipping times and costs.

DuraBrake™ is a highly visible company known as the leader in specialty replacement brake drums in the truck/bus/off-highway equipment business. We are also a very popular option in the commodity replacement market and original equipment (OE) market because of our high-quality, versatility, and cost-competitiveness. Our success in the brake drum market has driven us to forward integrate into rotors (brake discs), ductile iron hubs and assemblies since the days of Durametal.

DuraBrake™'s mission is to provide innovative, practical and superior-quality wheel-end parts that provide value to our customers by saving them time and money over the long-run. Through a long-term commitment to this mission, we have become a company that adapts to customer and market needs. Our primary philosophy is that our customers are king and they are the sole purpose of our existence in business. 

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