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DuraBrake is a manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty brake drums, rotors, and hubs for the aftermarket and OEM. We have over 2,000 part numbers for trucks, trailers, transit buses, coach buses, and various off-highway equipment.
When it comes to quality, service, price and flexibility in today's industry, you can't afford second best.
Over six decades of manufacturing experience and process improvement make our products the gold standard of our industry.
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DuraBrake - The gold standard of brake drums, rotors (brake discs), and hubs for the heavy-duty industry. We are considered the gold standard due to our designs, metallurgy and our engineering ability to integrate novel features. Our products are utilized on trucks, trailers, buses, and off-highway vehicles such as cranes, forklifts, earthmovers, and other specialized equipment. Many of the drums that we make are not made by others because they are new, obsolete or only made by OEMs. In addition, we stock truck, trailer and transit drums competitive with Gunite and Webb at our 7 stocking distribution centers around the country.

Our origins are with the acquisition of the brake drum division of Durametal Corp. (est 1948) in 1998. Since then, we have worked diligently to add new products and product types and we have improved the designs, quality, capacity, price, and our ability to serve the strict requirements of OEMs.

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